Short Story of Rabab – khumariyaan

Rubabis a lute like melodic instrument started from focal Afghanistan. Its name was gotten from Arab language Rubab which signifies “played with a bow”. In focal Asia the instrument is diverse in development. Rubab is essentially utilized by Pashtun, Tajik, Turkish, Kashmiri, Baluch, Azerbaijani and Iranian Kurdish old style artists.

Rubab is the national instrument of Afghanistan that is the reason its underlying foundations are all around profoundly entered in Pakistan as well. KPK, Kashmir and Gilgit are the well known zones where Rubab is played and individuals are sincerely associated with the music it expresses. khumariyaan is introducing Rubab worldwide.

In Pakistan the development of Rubab in various territories is marginally not quite the same as one another. The development of Taj is distinctive in based on which the instrument is sorted. Shahtoot and pecan wood is utilized in the arrangement of Rubab. Rabab is regularly utilized in old style and people music. Presently even in current Pop music Rubab is utilized alongside different instruments.

In Pakistan the alliance of Rubab with individuals and specialists isn’t new. In the knolls of KPK, at the stones of Baluchistan and from the rich green heaps of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan the hypnotizing sound of Rubab goes directly in to the core of individuals.