Khumaariyan is the famous Pakistan band that plays “Rubab” instument. That’s right jut beat no vocals. Khumariyaan is a four men band who sleep, eat and live music. Covering international music cover such as “The Games of Thrones” to reviving old Pashtun music, Khumariyaan make you dance wild on their music. They’ve recently won “Lux Style Award Song of 2019” for their music “Ya Qurban”


The Sound of Intoxication

Khumaariyan did a cover for the famous TV series “The Game Of Thrones”. The band introduced Rubab music to the theme and the result is absolute treat to listen to. 

Turn up the speaker volume and play the amazing cover.



Khumariyaan was born in the age of Talibanisation, sectarian violence, military operations and neo-imperialist expansions, in the region which is a gateway to Central Asia, in the city of Peshawar.

Who  We Are?


Farhan Bogra

Farhan is a well known Rubab virtuoso on the music circuit. He is cultural activist and working for the preservation of Art and culture; he has represented Pushtoon Music and culture all over Pakistan

Shiraz Khan

Shiraz provides the backbone that is percussions to all the tunes that the band comes up with, using a native Pushto Instrument that nearly faced extinction,

Sparlay Rawail

Sparlay Rawail, a lecturer at the national college of arts, met the three bands members at a concert for a random jam session. During the first half minute,

Aamer Shafiq

Aamer met the mentioned members in their university in Peshawar, and discovered that the solo notes of the Rubab were complemented by the rhythm